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Unsecured vs. Secured Line of Credit: Which Works For Your Business?

Even prosperous small businesses periodically require additional cash. However, handling the application process to obtain funding from traditional banks or alternative lenders can distract you from your business. A viable solution to this difficulty is a line of credit. That... Read More

Why Alternative Lending Has Become So Popular Amongst Small Businesses

Within the USA, there are multitudes of traditional banks and credit unions, and yet small businesses face almost insurmountable problems when they attempt to obtain the funding that they require. The solution that many of them have discovered is alternative... Read More

Medical Factoring 101

Medical factoring can be a tremendous help for healthcare practices which routinely bill insurance companies for their services. Insurance carriers are notoriously slow in making payments, and that can cause major cash flow issues for virtually all healthcare practices. While... Read More

Top Franchise Opportunities

Virtually all commercial real estate agents would agree: starting your own franchise has the potential to reap greater dividends than any other real estate venture. The sheer plenitude of franchise opportunities that abound is one reason; the natural support that... Read More

The Best Loans for Beauty Salons in 2021

Looking for a loan to start or aid a beauty salon is not unlike doing the same for any other business; however, there are a few differences that matter. Generally, you want to search for funding from a source that... Read More

Get Quick Access to Capital With One of These Factoring Companies

Oftentimes, it is not enough to have a successful business – due to the competitive nature of every industry; you’ll need a positive cash flow and working capital in order to continue evolving. However, if a part of success means... Read More

What is the Difference Between Asset-Based Lending and Factoring?

When a business owner finds out that they do not qualify for traditional bank loans, they may wonder what they can qualify for. If you find yourself in this predicament, you should consider asset-based lending or factoring. However, before you... Read More

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning a Franchise

When it comes to commercial real estate investing, owning a franchise is pretty much at or near the top. With nearly 800,000 different franchises in the US alone, stemming from 4,000 distinct brands, there’s a lot of options for the... Read More

Consider These Tax Implications Before Leasing Equipment

The ability to lease equipment in industries such as healthcare and construction (for example) is an excellent way to preserve your working capital for overhead and daily business expenses. Additionally, there are tax implications with which you might have been... Read More

Commercial Real Estate: CMBS Loans for Property

An oft-overlooked form of financing for commercial real estate investors is the CMBS loan; which is also known as the conduit loan. The primary attributes of this is that the fixed interest rate is low when compared to other types... Read More