Office dynamics play just as much a part in building a winning team as business logistics. It’s one thing to be competitive insofar as your product/service is concerned; it’s quite another to have a synergistic and supportive relationship between employees and managers. Team culture is essential to success. In this short blurb, we’ll list a few of the most pertinent aspects of building a winning team.

The Hiring Process: Motivated and Experienced Employees

Although you can’t have too much of either, too little of one will be a detriment as the first ingredient in your cauldron of success. Even though the modern workplace is much more open to passionate, capable employees (whereas tradition almost exclusively prioritized experience) – you still need applicants who have some real-world experience. The motivation/passion dimension is more important, though – as long as it meshes with company culture and is team-oriented.

The Post-Hiring Winning Team Formula

After you’ve vetted and picked your employees/managers, it’s time to implement your vision – guided by well-fleshed-out principles. It is in these stages where you’ll figure out whether or not you have a winning team, or whether you gravitated too much towards a great resume and neglected the signs that an employee was not team-oriented:

• Leadership Example: You, yourself, have to be able to lead by example if you want to inculcate a particular culture into your winning team. Do this with the goals you set, and how they are visibly executed. 

• Potential Over Experience: Obviously, this is for the beginning stages; during the hiring process. Overlook some experience (not all) for exuberant talent with a vision. In some cases, it might be a detriment to have TOO much experience, as this can often stifle creative approaches. 

• Mind Your Mindset Towards Setbacks: Basically, have a winning mindset! Every business plan runs up against what seem like insurmountable problems (a robust business plan minimizes these, by the way); you cannot afford to allow any failures to put a cramp in office dynamics. It starts with you as the leader of your winning team.