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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Hard Money: The Pros and Cons

Hard money loans are like cash in that they are based on the expected future value of a property after renovation. Hard money loans aren’t based on the current market value of a property. There are many benefits to hard... Read More

How to Build a Team With Winning in Their DNA

Office dynamics play just as much a part in building a winning team as business logistics. It’s one thing to be competitive insofar as your product/service is concerned; it’s quite another to have a synergistic and supportive relationship between employees... Read More

Manage Your Seasonal Businesses Cash Flow with These TipsĀ 

Every business will likely face some ebbs and flows in its revenues that may result in a cash flow squeeze. However, some businesses have a greater seasonal skew than others. Think ski resorts, swimsuit suppliers, and homebuilders in the winter... Read More

Creative Ways to Fund a FranchiseĀ 

Franchising is a large and important part of the American business landscape. Owning a franchise offers an entrepreneur the opportunity to own a business with the benefits of a recognized brand name, an established operating system, and franchisor support. It... Read More