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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Hard Money: The Pros and Cons

Hard money loans are like cash in that they are based on the expected future value of a property after renovation. Hard money loans aren’t based on the current market...... Read More

How to Build a Team With Winning in Their DNA

Office dynamics play just as much a part in building a winning team as business logistics. It’s one thing to be competitive insofar as your product/service is concerned; it’s quite...... Read More

Manage Your Seasonal Businesses Cash Flow with These TipsĀ 

Every business will likely face some ebbs and flows in its revenues that may result in a cash flow squeeze. However, some businesses have a greater seasonal skew than others....... Read More

Creative Ways to Fund a FranchiseĀ 

Franchising is a large and important part of the American business landscape. Owning a franchise offers an entrepreneur the opportunity to own a business with the benefits of a recognized...... Read More