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How Entrepreneurs Evaluate Commerical Real Estate Deals 

There are thousands of commercial real estate investors in the U.S. and for good reason. Investing in commercial real estate has proven to be an appealing way to invest due to the earnings potential, generally consistent returns, and property value... Read More

A Newbies Guide to Working Capital Loans 

Every business needs funds to operate, thrive, and grow. But sometimes, there isn’t enough available cash on hand. Frequently, in these cases, businesses look for working capital loans to fund day-to-day business expenses including rent, payroll, restocking inventory, making debt payments, paying... Read More

How Businesses Use a Merchant Cash Advance 

A merchant cash advance is a good way for a small business to get funds quickly without going through the typically long application and approval process required for a traditional small business loan.  How a Merchant Cash Advance Works  A... Read More

How to Successfully Start Your Own Construction Company

While there are many business ideas you can implement, ensure they meet your financial expectations in the end. Starting your own construction company is one way to achieve your objectives. It can, however, be hectic to run a successful construction... Read More

Leasing or Buying Commercial Space: The Pros and Cons of Each

You need a space to run and manage your business. While you might have options, accessing and using the right space can be costly. Ensure you choose the right commercial space for your business to thrive. Leasing or buying commercial... Read More

Conventional Loan vs. SBA: Which is Right for You?

Choosing the right financing option for your business can be a long and hectic process without proper guidance. Making informed decisions about the available options can also be hard. You need guidance to meet your expectations. Conventional and SBA loans... Read More

Steps to Choosing the Best Medical Factoring Company

Many healthcare companies run into trouble when it comes to getting paid. It can sometimes take 30 to 120 days before payment is received. These slow payments can create significant cash flow problems, especially for new and fast-growing companies. Medical... Read More

Should Your Business Consider Asset-Based Lending? 

Most businesses will need to get loans to meet their operating needs as well as to position themselves for growth. Asset-based lending, that is loans that are secured by assets instead of promises to pay, is a way to secure... Read More

Answering Your Common Loan Questions 

Every business needs capital to operate and grow. Yet self-generated funding is often not sufficient to meet the needs of a business. Getting the funds to meet working capital needs, purchase inventory, seize opportunities, and build for the future, for example,... Read More

Purchase Order Financing: The Pros and Cons 

Purchase order financing is an excellent financing tool that can be used by smaller businesses that have received a large purchase order that they can’t fulfill with their existing capital. It provides the funds to pay a company’s suppliers, enabling the... Read More