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Your Guide to Find The Right Business Supplier

Unless you make your own stuff from scratch to the production line, then you will need a solid business supplier. They come in a handful of major categories, ranging from distributors or wholesalers, to manufacturers, import sources, and independent craft-persons.... Read More

Popular Options for Franchise Financing in 2021

Owning and operating a franchise is one of the most lucrative forms of commercial real estate that you can get into. With that said the costs of doing so are commensurately high, and finding franchise financing is one of the... Read More

What is Healthcare Financing and Why is it Beneficial to Your Practice

Healthcare is something that is needed by all people, and yet it is one of the most expensive commodities out there. Together, these two realities makes healthcare financing a must for medical and healthcare facilities with their patients’ interests in... Read More

What to Know Before You Apply For a Commercial Real Estate Loan

One of the most important things you must know before applying for a commercial real estate loan is that the property you intend to use (or are already using) has to be 51% yours. This means that more than half... Read More

Does Crowdfunding Work Best For Small Businesses?

In one sense, you could look at crowdfunding as an aggregate business loan for the future; it is based on the traditional form – but enhanced in a way that is only really possible with the modern-day explosion of the... Read More

What is Mezzanine Financing?

A mezzanine loan has characteristically higher interest rates than more traditional loans, precisely because it isn’t backed by property collateral. In fact, it is a sort of “makeshift” loan, in that both equity financing and debt financing comprise it –... Read More

A Guide to Multifamily Financing

When it comes to commercial real estate, multifamily housing is generally considered to be the starting spot for real estate agents who are transitioning to this space. Everything’s bigger here; more units, which equals more maintenance, bigger loans needed and... Read More

5 Creative Financing Techniques For Commercial Real Estate

The very impetus for creative financing was birthed by sky-high interest rates several decades’ ago; it became so hard for most companies to meet the requirements for bank loans that entrepreneurs devised creative methods of meeting the needs of both... Read More

Heavy Equipment Financing: Everything You Need to Know

The primary benefit in opting for heavy equipment financing is the ability it affords you to keep your cash flow positive; you can then use this working capital for other business endeavors. After all, in the construction business space, the... Read More

Why Small Businesses Should Be Cautious of Crowdfunding

While crowdfunding has gained popularity over the past decade, it is not an entirely new concept. Crowdfunding got its start as part of the entertainment industry but has become a popular way for independent creators to kickstart their ideas. It’s... Read More